Before fly to Malaysia

  1. Contact your local shipping agent to set a shipping date. We also have shipping agent in UK, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. It is best to have the shipment arrive in Malaysia after the AP has been released to reduce car parking fees at the port. The AP process will take minimum 7 working days for approval.
  2. Note down the engine number which can be found at the vehicle’s engine (for Japan, USA and Canada).
  3. Make a copy of your vehicle’s Car Inspection Certificate (自動車検査証) (for Japan).
  4. Send the vehicle and other personal effects to the port.
  5. Please leave your car key in the car.
  6. The shipping agent will send Bill of Lading to your address in Malaysia once the vessel has departed.
    • Additional information
      1. Please inform your shipping agent to make a concise translation of the Bill of Lading to ensure a problem-free process during customs clearance. If you are sending your personal effects along with your vehicle in one cargo container, please state your personal affects and the vehicle information.
        Example of correct details for Bill of Lading:
        Mercedes Benz C200

        Chassis no : WDB203*********
        Year 2000
        24 Packages Personal Effects
      2. Consignee Name in Bill of Lading must be car's owner name.
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